The full dataset has been released. There are two subsets in the dataset, i.e., the test-dev subset and test-challenge subset. Both subsets consist of 140 thermal infrared video sequences, spanning multiple occurrences of multi-scale UAVs. We only provide annotation files for the test-dev. The challenge server for evaluation on the test-challenge is now open.

ICCV2021 Anti-UAV Challenge Dataset

1. Folder Tree Diagram

  • test-dev
    • video_name
      • IR.mp4
      • label.json
  • test-challenge
    • video_name
      • IR.mp4
      • label.json

2.Scenario Variations:

Compared to the previous challenge, we enlarge both the test-dev and the test-challenge in this year by adding more challenging video sequences with dynamic backgrounds and small-scale targets, such that the resulting new dataset covers a greater variety of scenarios with multi-scale UAVs.

Examples are shown as follows.

  • cloud background
  • building background
  • mountain background
  • sea background
  • large target
  • medium target
  • small target
  • tiny target

3. Division Rules

test-dev: 140 videos for testing your algorithm.

test-challenge: 140 videos for the final submission.


You can download the test-dev at Baidu Yun (vfjb)/Google Drive

You can download the test-challenge at Baidu Yun (17dh)/ Google Drive.