The 2nd Anti-UAV Workshop & Challenge

Oct 11 Afternoon, 2021 Virtual

Paper Publications

SiamSTA: Spatio-Temporal Attention based Siamese Tracker for Tracking UAVs
Bo Huang (Beijing Institute of Technology)†; Junjie Chen (Beijing Institute of Technology)†; Tingfa Xu (Beijing Institute of Technology)*; Ying Wang (Beijing Institute of Technology); Shenwang Jiang (Beijing Institute of Technology); Yuncheng Wang (Beijing Institute of Technology); Lei Wang (Beijing Institute of Technology); Jianan Li (Beijing Institute of Technology)
The 2nd Anti-UAV Workshop & Challenge - ICCV Workshops, 2021

A Unified Approach for Tracking UAVs in Infrared
JinJian Zhao (Dalian University of Technology); Xiaohan Zhang (Dalian University of Technology); Pengyu Zhang (Dalian University of Technology)*
The 2nd Anti-UAV Workshop & Challenge - ICCV Workshops, 2021

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Visual Detection and Tracking using Deep NeuralNetworks: A Performance Benchmark
Brian Kostadinov Isaac Medina (Durham University)*; Matt Poyser (Durham University); Daniel Organisciak (Northumbria University); Chris G. Willcocks (Durham University); Toby P Breckon (Durham University); Hubert P. H. Shum (Durham University)
The 2nd Anti-UAV Workshop & Challenge - ICCV Workshops, 2021

Semi-Automatic Annotation For Visual Object Tracking
Kutalmis Ince (Middle East Technical University)*; Aybora Koksal (Middle East Technical University); Arda Fazla (Middle East Technical University); Aydin Alatan (Middle East Technical University, Turkey)
The 2nd Anti-UAV Workshop & Challenge - ICCV Workshops, 2021

A Real-time Anti-distractor Infrared UAV Tracker with Channel Feature Refinement Module
Houzhang Fang (Xidian University)*; Xiaolin Wang (Xidian University); Zikai Liao (Xidian University); Chang Yi (Pengcheng Laboratory); Luxin Yan (Huazhong University of Science and Technology)
The 2nd Anti-UAV Workshop & Challenge - ICCV Workshops, 2021

Challenge Leaderboard

Rank Team Name Tracking Accuracy
1 huangbo940326 0.6444
2 whoamiw 0.6388
3 JNU 0.6380
4 tang_god 0.6356
5 ZhangyongTang 0.6215
6 QLY 0.6130
7 jjchen 0.6116
8 blue_star 0.6116
9 hli1221 0.6082
10 zhangxiaohan_zhaojinjian 0.6066
11 YouKnowWhoAmI 0.6062
12 leili 0.5848
13 guyu 0.5824
14 jinke 0.5795
15 xjtudz 0.5752
16 shan666 0.5681
17 adamzdw 0.5603
18 Homura 0.5544
19 jkahsjkd 0.5251
20 ywang26 0.5163
21 Nitre 0.5139
22 zhuwenming 0.5057
23 tangyuan23 0.4941
24 kostadinov 0.4930
Note: Please refer to the Evaluate website to obtain detailed definition of tracking accuracy.

Top-3 Award Team Information

Rank Team Members Organization
Bo Huang1,2, Junjie Chen1, Shenwang Jiang1,
Ying Wang1, Yuncheng Wang1, Lei Wang1, Tingfa Xu1,2, Jianan Li1
1 Beijing Institute of Technology (BIT), Beijing, China
2 Beijing Institute of Technology Chongqing Innovation Center (BITCQIC), Chongqing, China
Zitian Wang, Shangzhe Di, Zongheng Tang, Si Liu Beihang University, Beijing, China
Xue Feng Zhu1, Zhangyong Tang1, Hui Li1,
Tianyang Xu1,2, Xiao Jun Wu1, Josef Kittler2
1 Jiangnan University, Jiangsu, China
2 University of Surrey, Guildford, England