The 2nd Anti-UAV Workshop & Challenge

Oct 11 Afternoon, 2021 Virtual


Date Oct 11, 2021
Speaker Topic
14:30-14:40 Opening Remarks and Welcome
14:40-15:10 The 2nd Anti-UAV challenge introduction and results
15:10-15:25 Oral talk 1: 1st-Place Award of the 2nd Anti-UAV Challenge
15:25-15:55 Professor at Stony Brook University Haibin Ling Invited talk 1: Visual Object Tracking Algorithms and Benchmarks
Oral talk 2: 2nd-Place Award of the 2nd Anti-UAV Challenge
16:10-16:40 Poster session and coffee break
16:40-17:10 Postdoc research fellow at Berkeley AI Research Lab (BAIR), EECS, UC Berkeley Shanghang Zhang Invited talk 2: Learning with less labels
17:10-17:25 Oral talk 3: 3rd-Place Award of the 2nd Anti-UAV Challenge
17:25-17:40 Oral talk 4: Best Paper Award
17:40-18:00 Awards & Future Plans

Important Dates

Challenge Open
1st May 2021
Results Submission 10th July
Paper Submission 8th August
Notification to Authors 10th August
15th August
Workshop 17th October 2021