The 1st Anti-UAV Workshop & Challenge

June 14th - 19th, 2020 Seattle, WA

We expect to receive 20 papers, one of which will be selected as the best paper for oral presentation.

Submission Guidelines

All submissions will be handled electronically via the Website. By submitting a paper, the authors agree to the policies stipulated in this website. The paper submission deadline is March 31st 2020 (24:00 CET - midnight) Extended.

Papers are limited to eight pages, including figures and tables, in the CVPR style. Additional pages containing only cited references are allowed. Please refer to the following files for detailed formatting instructions:

Papers that are not properly anonymized, or do not use the template, or have more than eight pages (excluding references) will be rejected without review.

1. Submission Requirements:

  • The maximum size of the abstract is 4000 characters.
  • The paper must be PDF only (maximum 30MB). Make sure your paper meets the formatting and anonymity requirements described above.
  • The supplementary material can be either PDF or ZIP only (maximum 100MB).

2. Supplementary Material Submission:

By the supplementary material deadline, the authors may optionally submit code and/or additional material that was ready at the time of paper submission but could not be included due to constraints of format or space. The authors should refer to the contents of the supplementary material appropriately in the paper. Reviewers will be encouraged to look at it, but are not obligated to do so.

Supplementary material may include videos, proofs, additional figures or tables, more detailed analysis of experiments presented in the paper, code, or a concurrent submission to CVPR or another conference. It may not include results on additional datasets, results obtained with an improved version of the method (e.g., following additional parameter tuning or training), or an updated or corrected version of the submission PDF. Papers with supplementary materials violating the guidelines may be summarily rejected.

3. Code Submission and Reproducibility:

To improve reproducibility in AI research, we highly encourage authors to voluntarily submit their code as part of supplementary material. Authors should also use the Reproducibility Checklist as a guide for writing reproducible papers. Reviewers are encouraged to check the submitted code to ensure that the paper’s results are trustworthy and reproducible. The code should be anonymized, e.g., author names, institutions and licenses should be removed. We do not expect authors to submit private/sensitive data, only sufficient data to demonstrate the method. All code/data will be reviewed confidentially and kept private.

Submission Deadline

Results Submission: April 15th 2020 (24:00 CET - midnight)

Paper Submission: March 31st 2020 (24:00 CET - midnight) Extended

Guideline for Challenge

The dataset of test-challenge will be release on April 8th. The deadline for result submission is April 15th.

We build a baseline method for submit results on Github.

If you encounter any questions or misunderstandings, please feel free to contact us.,

We also set up a QQ group (1013298408) for quick communication.